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Ronald Mallon

Profile Updated: March 3, 2009
Ronald Mallon
Residing In:
North, VA USA
Eloise (Tee)
Military Service:
Ronald Mallon


Yes! Attending Reunion

Joined Navy in 58, and never looked back. Retired from USN in 1978. Civil service 1980-2000. Retired again. CABGx2 2001. Still kicking. Wife still loves me after 31 years. Must be doing something right. Love to travel, but health problems past year prevented that. Will do the west this next summer. Utah, Nevada, etc....Did California in 2007. Looked at the members of the class. I really don't remember many. I think I was a little stupid as well as kinda wild back then. Only took less than a year and I went for my GED. Funny, but if I had studied in high school, I could have saved myself a whole lot of studying later. Oh well. More on me when I get my head on straighter.

School Story:

Started high school at 12 in 1952. No one should start high school until they are at least 14. Class of 56. Did okay I guess till Mom died in 54. Finished junior year, just barely. Got left back in 56 and 57 and finally quit in 58. I would have failed again anyway. Stupid, I know. Hind sight is always 20/20, ain't it???? I really don't remember much about school, except that I did not feel I fit in very well. Maybe I did, but it did not feel like it at the time. Anyway, best thing that ever happened to me was when I joined the Navy. It gave some structure to my life, and if I did not shape up, then I got disciplined. Rules were easy. Do good, get advanced. Do bad, get drop kicked. Easy....Not like school. Do good, get advaned. Do bad, only get left back.....Oh well. I remember Russel, Whitey, Ted, Diane, Liz, Annette, Theresa, Carol, Butch and Butch, Pinky, Bobbie and Jackie from California. I remember the skating parties from Old Bridge on Wednesdays, or was that Friday? I remember an Irma, who I was madly in love with on the school bus. That was before Diane.(I think). I remember the Boy Scout Troop that met in the South Old Bridge Volunteer Fire House. Troop 4?? Funny how a walk down memory lane jogs the old gray cells. The school is now some sort of muslim school thing. Too bad. If anybody has a school book from 55 or 56 and my picture is in it, let me know. I never did get a year book from any of my school years. More maybe later...Ron.....It occured to me as I was perusing the schoolmates list, that I might be mixing up the class of 56, which was my original class, with the classes of 57 and 58 which I cycled through. Forgive me if I forgot anyone....Ron.....

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